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UK to send helicopters to Ukraine for the first time

UK to send helicopters to Ukraine for the first time

The UK is sending its first delivery of helicopters and artillery to Ukraine, the country’s Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday (23).

Sea King helicopters will be delivered for the first time “to provide essential search and rescue capabilities”, along with 10,000 artillery rounds that will also be dispatched, according to the ministry’s statement.

The aid was announced by UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace on a visit to Norway, where he will host a meeting of the Northern group of defense ministers, the statement said.

The UK provided six weeks of training for 10 Ukrainian military crews on Sea King helicopters, the Defense Ministry added.

“Our support for Ukraine is unwavering. The additional artillery will help Ukraine protect the land it has reclaimed from Russia in recent weeks,” Wallace said.

The news comes after UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak made his first visit to Kiev over the weekend, where he met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and announced a $60 billion air defense package. For the country.

Source: CNN Brasil