UK Treasury: The government will work more actively with the crypto industry

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The leadership of the United Kingdom’s chief financial authority believes that cabinet colleagues are still experiencing difficulties with the speed of decision-making in relation to the crypto industry.

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Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Andrew Griffith, has announced plans to renew the government’s active involvement in the development of this new sector of the economy. The agency is going to hold six roundtables with industry participants during the year to continue working on bills related to cryptocurrencies.

The official recalled the document on the rules for the cryptocurrency industry, which had previously promised to be published before Christmas. So far, the document is not ready, because there were difficulties in coordinating between different departments, but this is a matter of several weeks, not months, the Ministry of Finance assures.

“We all strive for clarity in the regulation of the crypto industry, but we want laws to be adopted quickly, so that regulators work at the same pace. After all, we won’t be able to compete internationally if our regulators are slow to make decisions,” says Griffith.

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In April last year, the UK authorities came out with the intention of making the country a global center for cryptocurrencies. However, a year has passed, and since then, little progress has been made.

Earlier, the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) announced that it intends to form a special team that will investigate crimes related to digital assets.

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