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UK zoo welcomes first baby camel in eight years

Sally, a baby camel, was born at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire, UK, on ​​April 11 to Izzy and Oakley.

In a video released by the zoo on Tuesday, Sally can be seen running around her enclosure and interacting with the zoo's adult camels.

Sally is a Bactrian camel, a name that comes from the Bactria region in Central Asia. Confident and energetic, she is getting along well with her parents, said zookeeper George Spooner.

Sally's pregnancy lasted 13 months. Her mother, Izzy, is 12 years old.

Domestic Bactrian camels act as ambassador species for critically endangered species, including the wild camel (Camelus Ferus) in Mongolia and China. Today, there are only 950 wild camels left in the deserts of Mongolia and China, due to hunting, water shortages and predators, according to a press release from Whipsnade Zoo.

Animals have two humps that store fatty tissue and are an important source of nutrition in the wild when food is scarce. Although they can go a week or more without water, they can survive several months with limited access to food.

Camel calves can take up to six months to develop humps.

Source: CNN Brasil

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