Ukraine, a yellow and blue ice cream to help the war-affected population

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Blue and yellow, like the colors of the Ukrainian flag. On Father’s Day, March 19, in the Italian ice cream parlors participating in the initiative, it will be possible to find “ice cream for Ukraine”. The offers of those who want to taste it will support the campaign promoted by Emergencyin support of the population affected by the war and forced to abandon their homes.

The proposal started from Sigepthe International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Pastry, Artisan Bakery and Coffee, during the event dedicated to the delivery of Three Cones by Gambero Rosso. The teacher Gianfrancesco Cutelliof the De ‘Coltelli ice cream parlor in Pisa, which launched the initiative, defines it as «a small gesture, not political but human»: «We don’t want to go into the geopolitical scenario and make judgments on who is wrong and who is right. Wars are a loss for the whole of humanity: they are families torn apart, villages destroyed, daily mourning “.

According to the basic recipes provided studied by Gianfrancesco Cutelli, blue is a sheep’s yogurt ice cream prepared with the butterfly pea flower, a flower with an intense blue color coming from the area of ​​Southeast Asia and completely edible. Alternatively, to give the blue color, you can use fractionated spirulina, red cabbage added with a pinch of bicarbonate or a blue dye of your choice. Yellow is a saffron ice cream or, alternatively, as Cutelli suggests, you can make a classic cream, add turmeric or use the yellow dye of your choice.

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Each ice cream parlor can choose if and how to customize its ice cream: whoever wants to can use other dyes, or propose different flavors. The goal of the initiative is to be able to involve as many ice cream parlors as possible, for raise as much money as possible and make a significant contribution to aid to Ukraine.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

The day chosen for the launch of «ice cream for Ukraine» is on Saturdaywhich is typically the one with the greatest turnout in ice cream parlors, and that’s it dedicated to dadswho, due to the war, in Ukraine were forced to separate from their wives and children to face the Russian forces.

A site has also been launched where ice cream parlors can confirm their participation in the initiative and customers can find the map of the participating ice cream parlors. “We want to show that we are capable of doing something good”, says Cutelli, “in addition to ice cream”.

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