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Ukraine abruptly withdraws from ratification of deal with Russia on Black Sea navigation

The attitude of Ukraine, which suddenly withdrew from discussions with representatives of Russia to ratify an agreement on navigation in the Black Sea, is causing concern. According to the Reuters agency, the discussion was taking place in Ankara, because the negotiations took place with the mediation of Turkey, at the request of the United Nations. “At the last minute, Ukraine suddenly withdrew and the deal collapsed,” relevant sources told the agency. Three other people also confirmed this version of events, while Russia, Ukraine and Turkey declined to comment. It is currently unclear why Ukraine backed out. The Reuters sources said they did not know what led to that decision. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in February that without new US military aid Ukraine would not be able to defend the Black Sea “corridor” that runs close to Romania and Bulgaria. When asked for comment, the representative of the United […]
Source: News Beast

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