Ukraine asks West for offensive weapons – ‘Unfortunately they do not give us’

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Ukrainian President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky has called on the West to provide his country with “offensive weapons”, “a means of deterrence” against Moscow, a day before a special NATO summit on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. to which Zelensky will address via video link.

“Our armed forces and our people are holding fast, displaying superhuman courage, but no one can win a war without offensive weapons, without medium-range missiles that can be a deterrent,” Andriy Germak said in a video posted on Tuesday. at night on the Telegram.

“Without a ‘lend-lease’ program, we can not defend ourselves,” he said, referring to the US-led armaments program at the start of World War II to help their allies militarily.

“It is impossible to defend ourselves effectively for a long time without a reliable anti-aircraft defense system capable of shooting down enemy long-range missiles,” Germak added.

However, “they do not give us such”, he complained. “As they do not give us planes,” he said, a request that is currently being rejected by the West, which does not want to intervene militarily in the war in Ukraine for fear that it would spread the conflict.

“This fear of escalation is understandable, but it will not help,” Germak said.

The situation on the ground is very difficult in many Ukrainian cities, mainly in Mariupol, the port city in the southeast, which is besieged by Russian forces and where about 100,000 civilians remain trapped, according to Zelensky.

Source: Capital

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