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Ukraine: At least 10 dead in an apartment building hit by a Russian missile in the Odesa region

At least ten people, including children, were killed when a Russian missile fired from a “strategic bomber” hit a nine-story apartment building on the outskirts of Odessaof the great port of the south Ukrainiana Ukrainian official announced today.

“The number of dead in the apartment building has increased to ten,” the representative of the Odesa regional authorities, Serhii Brachuk, said via Telegram. The missile, he added, was launched from Russian “strategic bomber” flying over the Black Sea.

According to Mr. Brachuk, the missile hit “a nine-story apartment building in the Bilgorod-Dniester region,” about 80 kilometers south of Odessa.

The rescue crews initially spoke of 6 dead and seven injured, before raising the death toll to ten. Among the victims are at least three children.

Mr. Brachuk clarified that the children were injured. He added that another rocket hit a resort, injuring several people.

It is impossible to independently verify this information, as broadcast by international agencies and relayed by the Athens News Agency.

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Source: News Beast

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