Ukraine: At least 1,000 fighters remain in Azovstal – Hundreds injured

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“At least a thousand” Ukrainian fighters, including “hundreds of wounded”, are still in the steel industry Azovstalin Mariupolwhich is besieged by Russian troops, according to today the statements of the Deputy Prime Minister of Of Ukraine at the French Agency.

«There are seriously injured people who urgently need to be removed“, Clarified Irina Veresuk and added that”the situation is deteriorating day by day»In the last pocket of resistance of the Ukrainian forces against the Russian army which has occupied this city.

She also denied the allegations information provided by two regional officials according to which civilians are still in the factory.

«It’s not true“, Said and added that the head of the Azov battalion that has been fortified in the steel industry”officially statedTo Ukrainian government officials and a UN representative that “no civilians, no women, children or the elderly remain in Azovstal».

Citizens who had taken refuge in the unit’s underground facilities were evacuated last week with the help of the United Nations.

The mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boichenko for his part refused to say whether he was “100% sure” that all civilians had been evacuated from Azovstal, stressing that such a thing “could not” be verified as long as there was no ceasefire in the field.

«The situation was and remains very difficultHe added, in an online press conference he gave, saying that “very fierce battlesWere repeated in the steel industry at the end of the removals.

From now on, the Ukrainian authorities are “working” on the possibility of removing wounded soldiers, medical personnel and military priests of the steel industry, while hoping for the help of international organizations and Turkey, Veresuk said.

«The medical staff wants to leave with the injured, because they have to accompany themIn case a “humanitarian corridor” opens from the factory, he added. Such a business may “last at least a week»Given the number of injured to be«to be transported by stretchers».

Mariupol, UkraineMariupol, UkraineMariupol, Ukraine

Hopes for Ankara’s mediation

It is worth noting that Azovstal’s military has repeatedly called on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for help, with Veresuk stressing that the “Turkey works closely with Kyiv“And how the Turks”they really want to help».

Such a removal could be done by sea with Turkish ship equipped with Military Hospital.

«We want it very much and the Turks are ready“, But Kyiv seeks to ensure”guarantees that Russia will not start firing“During the evacuation,” said Veresuk. «We need absolute guarantees in writing, that is what we are trying to ensure».


Source: News Beast

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