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Ukraine downed around 55 Russian fighter jets, says US Air Force commander

Ukraine’s air defenses have shot down about 55 Russian fighter jets since the start of the war, the commander of the US Air Force in Europe said on Monday, adding that Russia has never been able to establish air superiority over Ukraine.

Russia was well aware of Ukraine’s air defenses, General James Hecker said at the Air, Space and Cyber ​​Conference in Washington (DC), but Russia’s initial strikes in late February failed to destroy those defenses, such as surface-to-air missiles.

As a result, after six months of war, Russian aircraft rarely fly deep into Ukraine and are instead firing long-range missiles.

“When they tried to get their fighters and their aircraft into these missile engagement zones [ucranianos], they were slaughtered,” Hecker said. “About 55 Russian fighter jets were shot down by the integrated air and missile defense for Ukraine.”

The British Defense Ministry also claimed that Russia had lost 55 fighter jets since the start of the war, including four that were “highly likely” lost in the last 10 days.

Source: CNN Brasil

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