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Ukraine fires six deputy defense ministers in ministry reform

The Ukrainian government decided to dismiss six deputy defense ministers this Monday (18), following the appointment of a new defense minister earlier this month.

The government gave no reason for the dismissals. Among those fired is Hanna Maliar, who frequently issued public updates about Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Rustem Umerov was appointed Defense Minister less than two weeks ago to replace Oleksii Reznikov. The ministry was the target of allegations of corruption in the media while Reznikov was in office, although he himself did not face any allegations of corruption.

“Reboot. We (already) started. We continue. The ministry continues to work as usual,” Umerov said in a Facebook post.

When he took office, Umerov stated that his priorities would include making the ministry the main institution for coordinating defense forces, increasing the value placed on individual soldiers, developing Ukraine’s military industry and combating corruption.

Maliar, a war crimes lawyer, has served as deputy defense minister since 2021 and her latest update on the war in Ukraine was published on Monday morning.

She faced criticism last week after initially reporting that Ukrainian forces had recaptured an eastern village from Russian forces, but later said her report was inaccurate and that fighting was still taking place around the village.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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