Ukraine: Kuleba welcomes Germany’s change of heart during visit to Berlin

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba praised Germany’s stance on the war with Russia during his visit to Berlin today, stressing that the country has now taken the lead following recent tensions in Berlin-Kiev relations, according to broadcasts Reuters.

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In an interview with German broadcaster ARD, Kuleba said positive changes had taken place after Germany decided to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine and support a proposed EU embargo on Russian oil.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister also demanded today that a seat be reserved for his country in the European Union, even if the negotiations take a long time.

“We hear very often that Ukraine belongs to the European family and at the moment it is important to reserve a place” for the country in the European Union, said on German television the head of Ukrainian diplomacy during his visit to Germany.

“We are not talking about Ukraine joining the EU as soon as possible, but it is important for us to keep this position for Ukraine,” Dmitry Kuleba told ARD.

Kyiv applied for membership of the European Union on 28 February, four days after the start of the Russian invasion, but some member states are reluctant to even grant candidate status to Ukraine, seeking to avoid a accelerated integration.

French President Emmanuel Macron said in Berlin on Monday that it could take decades for a country like Ukraine to join the EU, and offered to join a “European political community” that could include Britain. , which left the Union in 2020. The idea is also supported by German Chancellor Olaf Solz.

Source: Capital

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