Ukraine: Macron, Solz, Draghi in Irpin – French president hails “heroism” of Ukrainians

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Emanuel Macron, Olaf Solz and Mario Draghi visited this morning in Irpin, one of the suburbs of Kiev that became a symbol of the destruction and atrocities committed during the occupation of the area in March by the Russian army, a correspondent of the French Agency found.

The European leaders, to whom added Romanian President Klaus Johannesaccompanied by armed Ukrainian servicemen and an important security detachment, as well as a large number of journalists.

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Like other foreign leaders who had been to Kyiv before, Macron, Soltz, Draghi and Johannes walked the streets of Irpin, where signs of bombing are ubiquitous.

The leaders asked their companions questions about the return of the inhabitants to their city and the planned reconstruction projects, and then saw a video a few minutes showing Irpin three months ago, when the fighting was raging there.

On the walls of a ruined building, one read “Make Europe Not War”, an inscription that Macron saw and commented on: “it’s the right message (…) it’s very moving to see it”.

The French president said massacres and war crimes had been committed in Irpin and hailed the “heroism” of the Ukrainians.

“It is a heroic city, marked by the stigmas of barbarism,” Macron told reporters.. “We all saw these images of a ruined city, which is at the same time a heroic city since it was here, among other things, that the Ukrainians stopped the Russian army coming down to Kyiv. It therefore represents the heroism of the army, but also of the Ukrainian people “, he added, as broadcast by international agencies and relayed by the Athenian News Agency.

Irpin, a northwestern suburb of Kiev, was the scene of fierce clashes between Russians and Ukrainians during the first days of the Russian invasion in late February. The Russian army quickly occupied the pre-war suburb of 62,000 and maintained control during March.

The Kyiv He has since accused Russian forces of committing war crimes in Irpin and the neighboring towns of Buca and Borodyanka, following the discovery of hundreds of civilian bodies in those towns following the withdrawal of the Russian army in late March.

Source: News Beast

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