Ukraine minister asks Germany to help country become EU member

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Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on Germany to take the lead in the process that will lead to Ukraine becoming part of the European Union.

In a video posted to Facebook on Sunday, Kuleba said that during his visit to Berlin earlier in the week, he had “a very rational discussion with the Germans about Ukraine becoming part of the EU”.

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“I told them it’s going to happen anyway. It is inevitable that Ukraine will receive candidate status sooner or later. German elites have the choice to lead this process and inscribe their names in European history or it will still happen, but without their leadership,” she added.

The minister also discussed the Russian oil embargo, currently debated by EU member states, and the issue of the Russian gas embargo also came up during his visit.

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After his meeting with German officials, Kuleba also engaged in talks with G7 foreign ministers and said that “they have been given the idea that it is necessary to freeze Russian assets and transfer them to Ukraine to help rebuild our country. We’re talking hundreds of billions of euros here.

In addition, (the) G7 said that it is ready to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine, in the reconstruction of its cities and infrastructure. You know that the president of Ukraine has an idea for countries to take control of certain regions or cities that have been affected by the war and our partners welcome this idea.”

Kuleba also called for “a solution to remove the Russian blockade on the export of Ukrainian agro-industrial products to the world. Right now, Russian aggression is driving the world to starvation. That is why it is important to work with African countries as well. We want them to help solve this problem.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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