Ukraine, Red Cross will bring vulnerable people from Lviv to Italy

Ukraine, Red Cross will bring vulnerable people from Lviv to Italy

The first civilian evacuation mission of the Italian Red Cross in Ukraine: a convoy left from Rome will leave Lviv in these hours to bring over 60 fragile people to Italy. After carrying out a health triage and Covid swabs, the Italian Red Cross will accompany these people to different facilities in our country.

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We talked with Ignazio Schintuhead of operations, emergencies and rescues of the CRI, arrived together with the convoy (two ambulances, six minibuses, two minibuses, three buses, one of which is highly biocontained, two cars and a van for various materials) in Lviv.

What is the situation you found upon arrival?

«Apparently calm but in any case in the time we spent to carry out the triage the siren rang twice. People are looking for a semblance of normality, they are afraid. However, there is movement with food shops but in any case there are barricades, many soldiers and checkpoints ».

How is your speech taking place?

“We are engaged in an evacuation mission of vulnerable people including the elderly, children and the disabled who we will bring to Italy to adequate health facilities to receive the necessary care. In the first hours following our arrival we carried out a census, a first triage and we tried to find a solution for each person, once we understood the problem ».

What are the main needs?

“There are some quite complex cases but most of them are people who can be welcomed into the home with families. The most important job is to find the hospitality that will allow them to continue with their care and therefore have a normal life, for most of them. However, we must keep in mind that each of these people has been psychologically damaged and this should not be forgotten. This is why we do not underestimate the psychological support to be provided to each of them but also to the operators, here and in Italy. We are dealing with people who were already fragile before the conflict and whose condition was aggravated by the war “.

How will they be assisted in Italy?

«Health care will be guaranteed to all as required by article 32 of the Constitution. They will be issued with a code that will allow them to receive assistance throughout the national territory “.

What struck you most in these hours?

“I was struck by a girl who accompanied her two grandparents in a wheelchair and does not want to leave them. They are probably her only point of reference, we don’t know if her parents are still there. Then, another person from Kiev: she could see hope in her eyes as soon as she saw us. Unfortunately we will be forced to see many stories like these again and for a long time ».

Will there be subsequent Red Cross missions from Ukraine to Italy?

«I always say that we are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. We will provide support as long as it is needed, compatibly with the safety necessary for the intervention ».

To support the intervention of the Italian Red Cross in Ukraine, are available here all information.

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