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Ukraine says Putin’s ceasefire conditions are “absurd”

Ukraine rejected the ceasefire conditions announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin this Friday (14), highlighting that they are “absurd” and that the Russian leader was trying to deceive world powers and undermine genuine peace efforts. .

Putin said in a speech that Russia would end the war in Ukraine only if Kiev agreed to abandon its ambitions to join NATO, the Western military alliance, and hand over all four provinces claimed by Moscow.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry described the case as “manipulative statements aimed at deceiving the international community [e] undermine diplomatic efforts to achieve a just peace.”

“It is absurd that Putin, who planned, prepared and executed, together with his accomplices, the biggest armed aggression in Europe since the Second World War, presents himself as a peacemaker,” the ministry added.

In another statement, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak told Reuters that there was “no possibility of finding an agreement” taking into account Putin’s statement and Ukraine’s conditions for ending the war.

“He is offering Ukraine to admit defeat. He is offering Ukraine to legally hand over its territories to Russia. He is offering Ukraine to sign away its geopolitical sovereignty”, pondered Podolyak.

Putin talks about peace plan before summit

Putin spoke on the eve of a conference in Switzerland at which Ukraine is promoting its own peace plan, calling for the full withdrawal of Russian troops, including from the 18 percent of its land currently occupied by Russia.

The Kremlin was not invited to the event, which Kiev says will be attended by representatives from more than 100 countries and organizations, including many heads of state.

Podolyak stressed that Putin is trying to seize the news by giving his speech just before the summit.

The aide, who often serves as spokesperson for the president’s office, highlighted that Moscow was also trying to present itself to the world, and particularly to countries in the “Global South,” as the party most interested in peace.

“Through Putin’s statement, Russia is making it appear that they were not the ones who started the aggression… but as if they were proposing peace and Ukraine did not want it,” he commented.

Podolyak reasoned that Ukraine wants peace, but only if Russia is justly punished for its aggression and Ukrainian sovereignty is maintained.

Source: CNN Brasil

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