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Ukraine says Russian drones hit Romania, which denies attack

A Ukraine said this mondayfrom the-fair (4) that drones russians were detonated in the territory of the Romania, member from the western military alliance natoduring a minutewhat night aerial on a ukrainian port on the river From theNubian, but Bucharest denied what the country has been reached.

the knotwhat russian air occurred hours before the president from the Russia, Vladimir Putin, discuss the recoveryfrom the of the Black Sea agreement with the sponsor of the agreement, President from the Türkiye, Tayyip Erdogan.

“According to the state guard servicefrom the border from the Ukrainelast night, during an atawhat Russian massif near the port of Izmail, the ‘Shakheds’ russians crashed and detonated in the territory from the Romania“, said the spokesperson of the Ministry from thes Ukrainian Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko referring to drones manufactured in Iran.

“This is yet another confirmation of what the missile terror from the Russia poses a huge threat not only to security from the Ukrainebut also for the security of neighboring countries, including Member States from the nato,” he wrote on Facebook.

Nikolenko posted a photo showing the flames from an explosion visible through a river. Reuters was unable to immediately verify the view. from the image.

The Ministry from the Romanian defense said what the country was not hit.

“The Ministry from the Defense deny categorically public space information about the flamefrom the nocturnal situation, during which drones russians would have landed in the national territory from the Romania“, said the folder. “At no time did the means of attackwhat from the Russia generated direct military threats on Romanian national territory or waters.”

A nato has a mutual defense commitment, according to which the military alliance considers a matchwhat to an ally as an attackwhat to all members.

Moscow has ledwhatlong-range aerials against targets in Ukraine from the beginning from the his invasion last year. In July, after Russia pulled out of a deal what suspended a blogwhatio Russian to Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, the country began to attack repeatedlyfrom themind the Ukrainian river ports located across the From thenubian, from from the Romania.

Reuters was unable to independently verify any of the reports, what it would be a rare case of weapons deviatesfrom thes from the war in Ukraine hitting a member neighbor from the western military alliance.

Source: CNN Brasil

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