Ukraine: ‘Special operation’ launched to strengthen border with Belarus

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Ukraine, which has accused Russia of gathering troops nearby and says Belarus could send migrants to its borders, today launched a border reinforcement operation that includes military exercises for anti-tank and airborne units.

The Ukrainian border service said the “special operation” on the border with Belarus included members of the National Guard, police, armed forces and other reservists.

“Drones will also be used for patrols and surveillance,” the agency said in a statement.

Ukraine has deployed an additional 8,500 troops on its border with Belarus, saying it fears it will be dragged into the migration crisis, where the European Union accuses Minsk of bringing people from the Middle East and forcing them to cross into neighboring Poland. Belarus denies fomenting crisis

Kiev is also worried that its border with Belarus, an ally of Russia, could be used by Russia to launch a military strike.

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service told the Military Times last weekend that Russia had deployed more than 92,000 troops in Ukraine’s border region and was preparing for an attack by the end of January or the beginning of February.

Moscow has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning NATO have been made more than once.

Ukraine said on Tuesday it must defend its right to independence and has held a series of military exercises across the country.

Ukraine, which is seeking to join NATO, received a large consignment of Javelin munitions and missiles from the United States earlier this year, prompting criticism from Moscow. Yesterday, the Ukrainian Navy received two re-equipped patrol boats belonging to the US Coast Guard as part of a $ 2.5 billion aid package to Ukraine.

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