Ukraine: “Surrender is not an option,” Ukrainian forces say in Azovstal

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The Ukrainian fighters who have been fortified for weeks in the basements of the steel industry Azofstalthe last pocket of resistance in front of the Russian army in its port Mariupol (southeast), announced today that they rule out the possibility of surrender.

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“Surrender is not an option, because our life is not interested in Russia. “They do not care about letting us live,” Ilya Samoilenko, a Ukrainian intelligence official, told a news conference.

“Our supplies are limited. We have water left. We have ammunition left. We have the weapons on us. We will fight until the best outcome of this situation “, he added from the basements of the industrial facility.

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“We, the military personnel of the Mariupol guard, witnessed the crimes of war committed by Russia, the Russian army. “We witnessed them,” said Samoilenko, who spoke either Ukrainian or English during the press conference.

In his sermon late Saturday night, Zelensky said authorities were now focusing on the “second phase” of the evacuation., ie the removal of the injured and the medical staff. They will also work for the opening of humanitarian corridors for all the inhabitants of Mariupol and the surrounding settlements.

The Ukrainian president also said that Kyiv was trying to get its defenders out of Azovstal, but stressed that this was “extremely difficult.”

Source: News Beast

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