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Ukraine-US agreement on joint production of weapons, announced Zelensky

A 24 hour after Poland announced that it would end arms shipments to Ukraine and while Day by day, the concern in allied western states about the capital spent and the duration of Ukraine’s equipment is increasingthe president of the country, Volodymyr Zelenskystated that he agreed with them USA to begin joint production of weapons.

It is a crucial deal that, if it goes ahead, will allow Kiev to become somewhat independent from the West and produce its own air defense systems, as the Ukrainian president claimed at the end of his visit to the US.

In his daily address to Ukrainians, Zelensky said this long-term agreement would create jobs and a new industrial base in Ukrainewhose economy has been badly damaged by the Russian invasion and war.

“It was a very important visit to Washingtonvery important results,” Zelensky declares in the video he posted this morning on the presidential website. “And a long-term agreement – ​​we will work together so that Ukraine produces the necessary weapons together with the United States. Defense co-production with the United States is something of historic proportions.”

Kiev has stepped up efforts to promote domestic arms production as much as possible, as 19 months of war have created huge demand for weapons and ammunition to fend off Russian attacks along a front 1,000 kilometers long. Russian airstrikes across Ukraine have caused extensive damage and claimed many lives.

Zelensky said the Ministry of Strategic Industries, which oversees arms production in Ukraine, has signed cooperation agreements with three associations involving more than 2,000 US defense companies.

“We’re getting ready to create a new defense ecosystem with the United States to produce weapons to further enhance freedom and protect life together,” Zelensky said without giving further details.

Ukraine is highly dependent on Western military support. To reduce its dependence, Zelensky and his team are pushing for reforms in the domestic defense industry aimed at modernizing it and increasing production.

Zelensky has previously stated that Kyiv will soon host an international forum of arms manufacturers, with invited companies from more than 20 countries.

The Ukrainian government is also implementing reforms at its main arms company, Ukroboronprom, to improve transparency and strengthen production capacity, as well as cooperation with Western producers.

Ukraine has already agreed on joint programs with central European producers to repair Ukrainian tanks and other vehicles, while it is also working to develop production of unmanned aircraft and missiles.

Source: News Beast

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