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Ukraine, Viktoria Apanasenko, a volunteer at the soldiers’ canteen, competes for Miss Universe

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Viktoria Apanasenko, 27, originally from Chernihiv, has played her part alongside the troops defending the country. As a volunteer, she collaborates with the Naive restaurant in Kiev for cooking and serving food to children, the elderly, displaced families and people in need, as well as to prepare rations for Ukrainian troops. His is a sort of “vocation”: yes it is Graduated in Social Services at the Psychology Faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, because, he explained, “I have always had the desire to help solve social problems in our community and to be able to supporting vulnerable people“.

But Viktoria Apanasenko is also a beautiful one professional model: she will represent Ukraine in the Miss Universe 2022 beauty pageant. She was the runner-up national, but the first was not available, so the title became hers. “Due to the large-scale war in Ukraine, this year the Miss Ukraine Universe organizing committee has abandoned the traditional show. After consulting the Miss Universe partners, it was decided to give the title of “Miss Ukraine Universe” to Viktoria Apanasenko, deputy Miss Ukraine. Viktoria will represent Ukraine at Miss Universe 2022 ».


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Vikoria has already started working side by side with the designers to create the clothes she will wear during the world competition, and which «will become a symbol of the strength of the Ukrainian people“. The model also added that she is planning many important social and volunteer projects together with ambassadors from other countries and international organizations.

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“I love my Ukraine very much and it is a great honor to represent it internationally,” explained Viktoria. “It is very important to keep talking about the war. We need the support of other countries to save our lives and stop Russia’s brutality. I am aware of my responsibility as ambassador of Ukraine on the international stage at such a difficult and horrible time: I will speak with the voice of all the women of our country. I intend to fight not for my victory, but for the victory of Ukraine ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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