Ukraine: Welcomes EU proposal for special court – “Russia will pay for its crimes”

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The presidency of Ukraine welcomed the proposal made by Commissionaccording to which one should be established special courtso that the Russia for war crimes in Ukraine.

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The head of the presidential services Andriy Germak wrote on Telegram that “this is exactly what we have been proposing for a long time” and that “Russia will pay for its crimes and disasters.”

It is noted that the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen proposed, in a video posted on Twitter, the establishment by the United Nations of a special court to investigate and try crimes of aggression by Russia against Ukraine.

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“Together with our partners, we will make sure that Russia pays for the damage it has caused, using the frozen assets of the oligarchs and the central bank,” von der Leyen said.

It is recalled that Ukraine as well as 14 member states have already launched investigations into international crimes committed by Russia. These investigations are supported by Eurojust through joint investigation teams. All EU Member States are parties to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the EU fully supports the ICC in its investigations into war crimes and crimes against humanity. However, Russia does not accept the jurisdiction of the ICC. This means that, as things stand, the offense of aggression, which is a crime committed by the highest political and military leadership, cannot be prosecuted by the ICC. This is why the Commission is proposing alternatives to ensure that justice is served.

Source: News Beast

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