Ukraine: Zelensky calls for international aid for reconstruction

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday called for international aid to rebuild his country after the more than four-month war ends, using a rare upbeat tone in his evening address to his fellow citizens.

“It is necessary not only to restore everything that the occupying forces destroyed, but also to build new foundations for our lives”, which will be “safe, modern, comfortable, accessible”, the head of state said in his speech last night.

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It will require “colossal investments, billions, new technologies, best practices, new institutions and, of course, reforms,” ​​he said.

“No matter how difficult the situation is for us today, we must remember that there is tomorrow,” assured the Ukrainian president.

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Tomorrow Monday, at a meeting of around 40 potential donor countries in Lugano (southern Switzerland), the Ukrainian government will present its priorities for the reconstruction of the war-torn country for the first time.

However, Mr. Zelensky acknowledged in his speech that the war is far from over. On the contrary, “its cruelty is increasing in some areas and cannot be put aside,” he said, calling on his countrymen to offer help to the victims.

Source: Capital

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