Ukraine: Zelensky declared the whole territory a state of war

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The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, today called on his fellow citizens not to “panic” as he launched a Russian attack and promised them “victory”, while announcing that he imposed martial law throughout the country.

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“Do not panic, we are ready for anything, we will win,” Zelensky said in a video uploaded to the social networking site Facebook, adding that Russia had hit military infrastructure and border posts.

A little while later, air defense sirens sounded in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

The Russian operation, which is underway in several Ukrainian cities, is aimed at “destroying the Ukrainian state, seizing its territory by force and imposing occupation,” the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said.

Kiev called on the international community to “act immediately”, to impose new sanctions on Russia as soon as possible.

“Only if we act unitedly and vigorously can we stop Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine.”

The Russian military has previously said it was targeting military installations in Ukraine with “high-precision weapons”.

The people must form an “alliance against (Russian President Vladimir Putin) Putin” to “force Russia to make peace,” the Ukrainian president said.

“We have begun to form an alliance against Putin,” Zelensky said after talks with the leaders of the United States, Britain and Germany. “The people must force Russia to make peace,” he said.

The airspace for civil aviation is closed

The Ukrainian government has announced that it is closing all its airspace to civil aviation following the announcement by President Vladimir Putin that it has ordered a military operation against it.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure announced the closure of the airspace due to the “high risk for safety” of flights.

Source: Capital

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