Ukraine: Zelensky replaces head of Territorial Defense Forces

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky replaced the head of the Territorial Defense Forces almost three months after the start of the war with Russia without explaining why, according to Reuters.

The Ministry of Defense announced today that Zelensky has appointed Lieutenant General Ihor Tancyura to succeed Yuri Haluskin as commander of the forces that help the Ukrainian army to defend the country after the invasion of Russia on February 24.

The ministry said Tantsyura was an experienced officer who had previously served as chief of staff of Ukraine’s ground forces.

He said the Territorial Defense Forces had grown rapidly since their inception shortly before the invasion and were playing a key role in the conflict with Russia.

“The explosive expansion of the structure, especially in situations of intense combat, is a huge experience, (with) mistakes and achievements. There are successes and, unfortunately, losses,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Ministry of Defense separately stated today that a battalion of the Territorial Defense Forces advanced to the border with Russia after repelling the Russian forces that attacked the northeastern city of Kharkov.


Source: Capital

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