Ukraine’s Izium Mayor Says City Is “Free” From Russians

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The mayor of Izium in Ukraine’s Kharkiv region, Vladimir Matsokin, said in a radio interview that the city had been liberated.

Matsokin told a Ukrainian radio station: “Our Armed Forces of Ukraine are in Izium. It cannot be said that the military operation to free Izium is over, but our military is working.”

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Matsokin said above the Kremenets mountain town “our blue and yellow flag is already flying. This has been confirmed.”

“This is a real holiday – the Liberation Day of our city,” added Matsokin. “September 10th is the day of the liberation of Izium from the Russian invaders.”

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THE CNN reported on Saturday (10) that, according to Ukrainian military officials involved in the operation, the first units entered Izium. There are no reports of Russian resistance; it appears that most Russian units had already left the city.

Ukrainian soldiers posted several videos and images of their presence at the entrances to the city.

Source: CNN Brasil

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