Ukraine’s Russian “hero” who can challenge Putin for power

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THE Vladimir Putin he is its undisputed leader of Russiabecause he owns her power for the last 23 years and has exterminated all political enemies inside his country. In fact, he has dominated to such an extent that he has even personally invested in him Ukraine war to write his name in history. This move, however, can allegedly cost him dearly, because it creates an opponent, who is now publicly questioning him. Him Yevgeny Prigozhin.

THE head of mercenary group Wagnerpublicly criticizes the Russian president under the pretext of his decisions about the war, publicly criticizes the Russian military and begins to be considered a “hero” for bringing victories to Ukraine.

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The columnist of New York Times Mikhail Zygar records the course of her head largest Russian mercenary organization and emphasizes how if the “villain of the year” is not chosen for the crimes of his mercenaries, he should definitely get the title of “person of the year”.

Wagner headquarters in St. Petersburg

The second side, however, states that Yevgeny Prigozhin is one gyrologist, who saw easy money and who pursues opulence. This opinion is strengthened, because estimates indicate that is deliberately sabotaging Russian plans to continue the war in Ukrainefor his mercenary group to have a reason for existence, but also for him to be active in business in the war conflicts.

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So far, no analyst has come to a valid conclusion, but everyone agrees on one thing. If Putin feared that the war might produce a “hero” besides himself, he was right, and it is Yevgeny Prigozhin. Now it remains to be seen how ambitious he is and how far he intends to go.

Source: News Beast

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