Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovska: “I escaped from Kiev, now I dream of Cannes and peace”

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He has eyes that shine, a t-shirt Stand with Ukraine under the jacket and the lips that every now and then have a flicker, when it comes to his nation, currently tormented by war. Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovska is in Rome to tell the Italian film in which he took part, Koza Nostra (in the dining room from May 5th), before leaving at Cannes Film Festivalwhere he hopes to bring his message of peace.

In the film – directed by Giovanni Dota, emerging director – plays Vlada Koza, a Ukrainian lady who arrives in Italy to surprise her daughter, who just made her a grandmother. She urges to the limit of intrusiveness, she ends up becoming a person unwelcome to her relatives and so she finds herself alone, in Sicily, and with nowhere to go. For a series of involuntary circumstances she comes hired as a ruler by Don Fredo, but she is unaware that the man is the head of a mafia clanthat of the Laganà.


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In short, in spite of herself, the woman finds herself embroiled in a situation that is not only bigger than her but dangerous and surreal, as she says, hinting at a gentle and warm smile.

How does he resemble his enterprising Vlada?
«Vlada loves adventures and I like them too, she throws herself into them and I like that».

What did you discover about Italian culture that sounded familiar to you in some way?
“In the film, the value of the family is crucial. We see two cultures in comparison, the Italian and the Ukrainian, and we realize that they are very similar so much so that, at the release of the trailer, in Ukraine there was immediately a great curiosity towards this story. The similarities are quite clear and one can identify with the characters easily ».

What did you know about Italy before the takes?
“Before shooting I didn’t know Italy well, I had been there once but for a short time, instead for the takes I spent the whole autumn here and I visited Sicily and Rome: they seemed similar to Ukraine. of the west, where I was born. Observing people I realized that we are similar in laziness, humor and the desire to avoid or delay problems. Our men do the same, they pretend to listen when their wives talk too much but in reality they are just trying to run away from home to visit some friends. And it is the women who manage everything ».

What happened to your life when the war broke out?
“During the first week of the war I stayed in Kiev, then I moved with my little son to my parents who live in Western Ukraine. I could no longer stay at home, because I lived on the 18th floor and it was difficult to go down every time we heard the bombing siren to take cover ».

And your husband?
“He stayed in Kiev, where he has to sort things out but he comes to visit us from time to time. The men either fight or serve the city with the Civil Protection or as volunteers or try to keep the economy going. Women do it too, keeping small children, their own and those of their neighbors, safe. For example, I took my sister’s who works in the hospital with me. “

How did you get to Italy for the promotion of the film?
«The western borders are open, it is not difficult to leave the country, the neighboring states welcome us and help us. I arrived in Romania by car and from there I took a plane ».

What are your plans for the Cannes Film Festival?
“I hope to go there: we need support and solidarity, we are strong but with your help we have more hope”.

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