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Ukrainian forces strike Russian military base in Melitopol

Ukrainian forces have reached a base russian in the city of Melitopol, in the south of the country, on Saturday (2) with more than 30 attacks, informed the exiled Ukrainian mayor of the municipality.

Russian news agency RIA reported that the Ukraine hit the Melitopol area where the city’s airport is located, but did not specify what was hit by the Ukrainian onslaughts.

“Tonight, the Armed Forces of Ukraine deactivated one of the four Russian military bases in Melitopol. More than 30 attacks were carried out exclusively on the Russian military base,” Ivan Fedorov said in his Telegram this Sunday (3).

“We expect a large influx of Melitopol residents for evacuation. Our task is to help people who want to move to Zaporozhye to find accommodation,” she added.

According to the mayor, resistance forces even derailed a Russian armored convoy.

Federov assures that, contrary to what the Russian army says, peaceful areas with civilians were not bombed. He adds that the city’s infrastructure has not suffered any data.

“The Armed Forces are doing everything to return peaceful life and the Ukrainian state to Melitopol. All the occupiers can do is flee our city.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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