Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Nearly 20,000 foreign volunteers who want to fight on the side of the Ukrainians

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Nearly 20,000 foreign fighters have volunteered to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia, the Ukrainian foreign minister said today.

“Currently, their number is about 20,000, coming mainly from European countries,” Dmitro Kuleba told CNN.

According to Kuleba, “many people hate Russia” for years, but did not dare to oppose it. “When people saw that the Ukrainians were fighting, that they were not giving up, it pushed them to fight,” he added.

While saying he “understands the need to fight”, Kuleba reiterated that it was “more important” for Ukraine to receive “political, economic and military assistance” from the rest of the world, and especially “for its air defense”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in late February the establishment of an “international legion” of foreign fighters to assist in the defense against Russia. Volunteers are invited to contact the Ukrainian embassies in the countries where they are located. Denmark gave the “green light” to its citizens to join this “legion”, as did British Foreign Secretary Liz Trass. However, Admiral Tony Radakin, Britain’s chief of staff, said today that it was “illegal and useless” for the British to go to war in Ukraine.

Source: Capital

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