The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) reported that 14 Ukrainian law enforcement officers completed a practical course on combating cryptocurrency crimes in Austria.

The course took place from November 14 to 17 and is intended to help Ukrainian police track cryptocurrency transactions related to financial crimes faster and easier. OSCE specialists included in the course an overview and skills in using the latest practices and tools for investigating crimes using virtual assets.

Acting OSCE Co-ordinator of Economic and Environmental Activities Ralf Ernst emphasized the urgent need for such training in Ukraine:

“With the growing use of virtual assets and cryptocurrencies in Ukraine, there is an urgent need to strengthen the capacity of law enforcement and supervisory authorities. This is important for effective investigations, increasing Ukraine’s resistance to money laundering and other financial crimes. This is already the second training for Ukrainian police officers and we will continue to support Ukraine in its attempts to combat money laundering, including using cryptocurrencies.”

In September it was reported that the US Internal Revenue Service was conducting similar training for Ukrainian police officers.