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Ukrainian prisoners are presented as “volunteers” by the Russian army

A group of former Ukrainian soldiers, including prisoners of war, volunteered to join Russia’s front lines and fight against Ukraine. The information was released by RIA Novosti, the Moscow state agency.

This week, a video published by the agency showed dozens of men, believed to be Ukrainians, wearing combat fatigues and holding rifles as they swore an oath to Russia in a ceremony.

It was not clear how many men were in the unit. CNN cannot independently verify whether the group joined the unit voluntarily or under duress.

RIA Novosti says the men are part of “the first battalion of former soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – a battalion of volunteers called Bogdan Khmelnitsky,” in reference to a 17th century military commander.

The Institute for the Study of War, a Think Tank based in Washington, United States, claimed that Russia had recruited 70 Ukrainian prisoners of war, citing Russian media.

According to the International Red Cross, coercing prisoners of war to serve in opposing forces would be a violation of the 1949 Geneva Conventions that have been adopted by all nations.

It is worth noting that, although fewer in number, dissident Russian soldiers, aligned with Ukraine, also turned against the Russian army.

Stagnant confrontation

The battle between Russia and Ukraine remains raging. Neither country has made significant progress in recent months.

This week, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukrainian leader, rejected a statement made by one of his generals during an interview, in which he said that the confrontation has reached a level of technology that puts the two countries in an impasse and that it is likely that important advances will not happen. .

Source: CNN Brasil

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