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Ukrainian secret services: Wives of Russian soldiers give them “ok” to rape Ukrainian women

A shocking 30-second audio clip has been posted by Ukraine’s intelligence service alleging that Russian spouses are attacking their “ok” husbands. rape Ukrainian women, the service wrote in the Telegram, along with the recording.

According to the Daily Mail, the audio file opens with the blue and yellow title: “Secret Service: The spouses of the Russian invaders in Ukraine war allow their husbands to rape Ukrainian women. Then a man and a woman are heard speaking in Russian in the creepy excerpt.

A Russian woman is said to have given permission to her fellow soldier to rape Ukrainian women in a phone call stolen by Kiev security services. The shocking 30-second audio clip of the conversation was posted on the telegram channel of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on Tuesday 12/4.

The creepy conversations

“This shocking interception by the SBU reflects the moral values ​​not only of the occupiers but also of their relatives, 80% of whom now support the war in Ukraine,” the service said in a description of the recording.

Then a woman’s voice is heard: “So yes, do it over there,” he says. Then it becomes clear what he agrees with. “Ukrainian women there. Hurry them. Yes”. “Don’t tell me anything, do you understand?” He adds with a shy laugh.

Then a man’s voice is heard. “Ah,” he says. “That is, to hurry and not tell you anything,” he asks, explaining that his wife gives him permission. “Yes, so I do not know anything,” the woman’s voice reportedly said, before both were heard laughing this time.

«Why do you askHe adds.

«Can I really?He asks again.

«Yes, I allow youShe says with a laugh. «Just use protectionHe adds.

The man answers again: “Okay»

The release of the audio clip came after the President of Ukraine Zelensky accuses Russian troops of carrying out “hundreds of rapes”including sexual assault on young children.

Putin’s army has been linked to a series of horrific atrocities across Ukraine, including the brutal rape and murder of women and children, often in the eyes of their own family members. Moscow has denied the allegations.

A Russian soldier has been arrested after allegedly recording himself abusing a baby.

Source: News Beast

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