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Ukrainian sniper breaks the distance record and becomes a “nightmare of the Russians” – The fatal shot from 3.8 kilometers

Immobilized for hours in freezing temperatures, Ukrainian sniper Vyacheslav Kovalsky was ordered to shoot a Russian officer, who was 3.8 kilometers away. “You can,” his partner urged, and he pulled the trigger. The bullet took about nine seconds to reach its target. The Russian soldier, according to video reviewed by the Wall Street Journal, was shot dead. Kovalsky and the leadership of the Ukrainian military claim that the November 18 shot set a new distance record, surpassing the previous one by about 250-300 meters. In 2017 a Canadian special forces sniper in Iraq reportedly hit a target at 3.5km. After his fatal shot, Vyacheslav Kovalsky said: “I thought that the Russians would now know that the Ukrainians are capable of such a thing.” “They will sit and be afraid,” he added. Snipers of the Ukrainian army occupy a prominent role in the war with Russia, as they are perfectly suited […]
Source: News Beast

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