Ukrainian: US – Germany demand immediate de-escalation steps from Russia

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German Foreign Minister Antalya Berbok and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have called on Russia to “immediately take steps to de-escalate” tensions on Ukraine’s borders, warning that otherwise there will be swift and serious political and economic consequences. The two officials stressed once again that the preferred path is one of dialogue and diplomacy and made it clear that the US, Europe and the G7 share these views and will work together.

“We call for immediate steps to be taken. Any further aggression will have serious economic, political and strategic consequences,” the German foreign minister said after a meeting in Berlin with US counterpart Anthony Blinken. had consultations in Kiev yesterday and will meet tomorrow with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva. “For the Europeans, this is nothing short of a means to an end. policy and dialogue can lead to a way out of the crisis. “Unfortunately, the Russian attitude speaks a different language,” she said.

“The United States, Germany and the Western partners are united and determined against Russian aggression,” said Anthony Blinken, noting that developments depend on Moscow. The aim of the intensive diplomatic effort in recent days, he continued, is to find a diplomatic solution to the tension caused by Russia, “to prevent further invasion of Russia or destabilize Ukraine” and “to address important security issues” for the US and European partners. their.

Any aggression on the part of Russia will have “very rapid and very serious consequences”, the head of the State Department reiterated, noting that the message is the same from all US partners and allies. “We are at a crucial crossroads. We can not choose the path on behalf of Moscow, but we can make clear the consequences of any choice – positive if dialogue and diplomacy are chosen and very negative if aggression is chosen,” he added. Mr Blinken emphasized that a stable and stable relationship with Russia was in everyone’s interest.

The aim of the contacts in the last days was, according to the American official, the coordination of the forces against the Russian aggression. “I will speak with this united voice to Sergei Lavrov tomorrow as well,” he said, stressing once again that any action would be a product of conciliation. “The United States is also counting on the interests of its partners,” Anthony Blinken said, accusing Moscow of trying to divide the front. In addition, referring to the forms that Russian aggression can take in addition to direct military action, he spoke of hybrid attacks, destabilizing actions and paramilitary tactics. He even assured that all possibilities are being considered and there will be an answer in each case.

“Sanctions make sense when they are effective,” Ms Burbock said, referring to a question from Chancellor Olaf Solz, who recently ruled out suspending the German-Russian Nord Stream pipeline. 2, in case of volume escalation. On the same issue, Mr. Blinken reiterated the negative position of the United States and added that since the pipeline has not worked, it is a lever of pressure in the hands of the Germans and Europeans, not Russia.

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