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UN court rejects Mexico's request for provisional measures against Ecuador

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) rejected this Thursday (23) Mexico's request to apply provisional measures against Ecuador for the invasion of its embassy in Quito.

“Unanimously, the Court considers that the circumstances, as now presented to the Court, are not such as to require these measures”, they assessed.

The action at the ICJ began after the Ecuadorian police entered the Mexican embassy to arrest the former vice president of Ecuador Jorge Glas, on April 5th.

It now remains to be seen the final decision of the court case, the release date of which has not yet been announced.

The Ecuadorian government welcomed the ICJ's decision, according to a statement.

“The unanimous decision of the International Court of Justice to reject Mexico's request confirms the unnecessary nature of the request”, states the text.

“Mexico's request was made without taking into account Ecuador's repeated assurances that it would provide full protection and security to the facilities, properties and archives of the Embassy of Mexico, and that it would allow Mexico to remove all such assets from the facilities and private residences of its diplomatic agents”, he added.

“Ecuador maintains its position”, concludes the note.

A CNN is trying to contact the Mexican authorities to find out their reaction to the ICJ decision.

What were the provisional measures requested by Mexico?

The provisional measures that the Mexican government requested are that Ecuador take “appropriate and immediate” measures to provide protection and security to its diplomatic building, as well as the archives inside.

The Mexican State also demanded that diplomatic facilities and private residences of diplomatic agents be allowed to vacate.

Another point would be the guarantee that there would be no new actions by Ecuador in relation to the decisions taken by the court and that the Ecuadorian government would refrain from any act or conduct that could worsen or expand the process that the ICJ was analyzing.

On the other hand, the government of Ecuador filed another complaint with the ICJ on April 29, in which it accuses Mexico of improperly using its diplomatic headquarters to house Glas since December 2023.

The court has not announced the dates of the hearings at which it will hear arguments from the parties in this case.

Glas, who has two convictions for corruption crimes and a trial for embezzlement, is detained in Ecuador. The former vice president claims to be a victim of political persecution.

*Ana María Cañizares, from CNN, contributed to this report

Source: CNN Brasil

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