UN: Eight countries lose voting rights in the General Assembly – Who they are and why

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The Iran and the Venezuela is between eight countries which lost yesterday, Wednesday (12/1) until recently right to vote them in General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

In particular, in a letter to the General Assembly released yesterday, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, clarified that the minimum amount to be paid by the Islamic Republic to regain this right is $ 18.4 million, while for the Latin American country in deep economic crisis is $ 39.8 million. The Sudan will have to pay an amount of approx $ 300,000.

THE DR Congo is also among the states that lost the right to vote. Under the rules in force at the Agency, this right is lost to those whose debts are equal to or higher than their annual contribution to its budget for a period of two years.

In total, “11 Member States are currently delaying the repayment of their contributions, as set out in Article 19 of the UN Charter,” the UN chief said in a letter, a copy of which was passed to the French Agency yesterday. transmits the APE-MPE.

The other countries that lost their right to vote are Antigua and Barbuda, τα Vanuatu Islands, the Guinea and the Papua New Guinea.

Last year, Iran also lost its voting rights due to unpaid debts. Tehran had protested strongly, arguing that it was unable to meet the minimum required amount due to Washington’s financial sanctions. After months of negotiations, it was agreed to be excluded. “Iran has pledged to pay the full amount due, but” unfortunately, for the second year in a row, due to illegal US sanctions, our country is finding it difficult to make payments, “the Islamic Republic’s foreign ministry said.

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