UN: Extraordinary Security Council for North Korea

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In an emergency meeting for today, Wednesday (20/10), the United Nations Security Council. It will take place behind closed doors and the central issue will be North Korea.

THE North Korea on Tuesday (19/10) conducted a test of a submarine-launched missile, further increasing its military capabilities, diplomats said in French Agency. His urgent meeting Security Council convened on his own initiative United Kingdom and of USA., clarified the same sources.

“Test passed”

Earlier, as reported by its official news agency North Korea, the KCNA, the test of a “new type” ballistic missile, launched from a submarine, was considered successful. The new type of sea-land missile SBLM (from the initials of the term submarine-launched ballistic missile in English) has “several advanced control and direction technologies”, according to the same source. It was launched from the same boat used in the first test SBLM, five years ago. The test was added to a series of rocket launches that began last month.

Analysts noted that the photographic material which was broadcast in parallel by KCNA depicts a rocket with a narrower body than previous North Koreans SBLM, which means that more rockets, although with a shorter effective range, can be stored in specially designed submarine silos and therefore the Pyongyang is close to acquiring a nuclear-armed submarine operational fleet.

Not a single 24 hours have passed since Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kisinda, announced that the North Korea launched two ballistic missiles as part of a program to test new missile systems, which it described as a “very sad event”.

THE Pyongyang continues its programs to develop nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other technologically advanced systems, defying international sanctions. In fact, the latest launches were made while officials USA., της South Korea and her Japan were preparing to discuss, among other things, tensions with the isolated state with a nuclear arsenal, the South Korean public news agency noted. Yonhap.

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