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UN mission analysis suggests Kiev hospital hit by Russian missile

A UN human rights mission said on Tuesday (9) that there was a “high probability” that Kiev’s main children’s hospital was directly hit by a Russian missile during a series of air strikes on Ukrainian cities. Russia denies involvement.

Ukraine flew its flags at half-mast on a national day of mourning to mark the deaths of at least 43 people across the country after air strikes on Monday (8).

“Analysis of video footage and an assessment carried out at the scene of the incident indicate a high probability that the children’s hospital suffered a direct hit rather than damage from intercepted weapons,” said Danielle Bell, head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine.

Ukraine claims to have “unequivocal evidence”

Ukraine’s security service said it had unequivocal evidence that the medical unit was hit by a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile during the deadliest series of attacks in months.

Authorities released images of what they said were fragments of the gun’s engine.

The Kremlin said, without providing evidence, that Ukrainian anti-missile devices, not Russia, hit the children’s hospital, which is one of the largest in Europe and treats patients with serious conditions including cancer and kidney disease.

UN Security Council meets

The UN Security Council met on Tuesday to discuss the attack, following a request from the United Kingdom, France, Ecuador, Slovenia and the United States.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky flew to Washington for a three-day summit of leaders of NATO, the Western military alliance, where he hopes to secure commitments from allies to bolster Ukraine’s air defenses and increase its military support.

Russian forces are advancing slowly but claimed on Tuesday the capture of the village of Yasnobrodivka in the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine.

There was no immediate comment from Ukraine, which has reported heavy fighting in the region for months.

Source: CNN Brasil

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