UN: North Korean hackers stole a record amount of cryptocurrency in 2022

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The United Nations (UN) submitted a report to the North Korea Sanctions Committee, according to which North Korean hackers stole more crypto assets in 2022 than in any other year.

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UN analysts have found that North Korean hackers are responsible for stealing between $630 million and more than $1 billion in crypto assets last year after attacking the networks of foreign aerospace and defense companies.

The report notes that hackers have begun to use more sophisticated schemes to steal funds, making it much more difficult to trace stolen crypto assets. Hackers also aim to gain access to digital networks involved in cyberfinancing and steal potentially valuable information.

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According to Chainalysis, the theft of cryptocurrencies makes up a significant part of the North Korean national economy, and in 2022, North Korean hackers stole at least $1.7 billion in cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the UN believes that the main goal of hackers is information useful for the DPRK’s weapons programs.

Earlier, Kaspersky Lab reported that the North Korean hacker group Lazarus has an offshoot of BlueNoroff, posing as venture capitalists who are interested in cryptocurrency startups.

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