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UN-sealed investigation accuses Russia of war crimes for the first time

THE Russia has committed a “wide range” of war crimes in Ukrainereports research supported by UN. Among other things are highlighted executions, killing of civilians, systematic torture and deportation of children. The publication of the report marks a extremely rare conviction of a member of the UN Security Council.

In her report Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukrainean instrument that performs UN-mandated investigationnoted that Russian forces have carried out “indiscriminate and disproportionate” attacks in Ukraine, resorted to torture, killed civilians and failed to take measures to protect the Ukrainian population.

Reference is also made to repeated attacks against infrastructure in Ukraine, which were intended to leave hundreds of thousands of people without heating and electricity during the coldest winter months. As underlined, this practice could also be considered as possible crime against humanity.

Regarding the “systematic and widespread” use of torture in many areas occupied by Russian forces, researchers present evidence of the methods used in facilities used by the Russians as detention centers.

The report is based on more than 500 interviews – testimonies, as well as satellite images and autopsies in the detention centers and mass graves. It is noted that the International Criminal Court of The Hague, as reported by Guardianis expected to seek the arrest of Russian officials for the forcible deportation of children from Ukraine.

The authors of the report also stated that there were also apparent violations by Ukrainian forces, however this was a “small number”. The investigation has focused almost entirely on allegations against Russia, which denies that it has committed atrocities or targeted civilians.

Source: News Beast

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