Uncharted and the end of machismo

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Un triple somersault from video game to the book through the comic. The landing is a soft one because Hollywood took it to the big screen and so on Uncharted arrives in Italian cinemas on February 17th. With high expectations.

First because, in spite of his young age, a 25-year-old actor lends him his face (thanks to the baby face in some moments he seems barely of age). But it’s Tom Holland so it’s safe: is the box office man of 2021 breaking all box office records – even in the pre-pandemic era – with Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Second because the production spared no expense, passing by sequences to the Mission: Impossible to worthy pursuits Fast and Furious. The most obvious parallel is the one with Indiana Jones with a twist to the James Bond.

And third – if anything were needed – because the curiosity of such an iconic adaptation pushes us to talk about it anyway, for better or for worse.

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The protagonist Nathan Drake he is a young man with an infallible nose and knowledge rather than encyclopedic, a rogue who at the beginning of the story makes a living with some pickpocketing (a legacy of the orphanage). Except later discovering that he has a fondness for archeology And the adventure and a passion for the unsolved mysteries, especially those that include hidden treasures, galleons and overseas journeys from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. All the credit goes to his older brother, who promised him chests full of riches and wonders and then abandoned him to his fate.

This dude who dabbles in urban parkour between waiter shifts attracts trouble like a magnet, even if he tries to fly under the radar. Nothing to do: when a certain Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg), his brother’s former expedition partner, joins him, it is impossible for him to pursue the mission as a lone wolf. Not that he follows him spontaneously, mind you: Nathan immediately realizes that he is facing a chronic liar, but curiosity takes over.

And if we add to this a spoiled and capricious scion (Antonio Banderas) and an ambitious and vengeful rascal (Sophia Taylor Ali), then the menu becomes decidedly rich.

The film wanted to impress with special effects (and it succeeds), but in fact what is most convincing is the balance between the characters, who collide and complement each other as in a dance without choreography.

Strong rhythm, sudden change of course and scenery, you go from action to yellow with amused nonchalance and it’s like a roller coaster ride that takes longer than you expect. After all, you never get enough.

Tom Holland is part of that club heroes a bit ‘scoundrels and a bit funny of which they also have the card Chris Pratt And Ryan Reynolds. The era of machismo is definitively closedhere the focus is on the brash charisma of the boy next door, on that familiar and reassuring feeling that never abandons you during a trip.

Nathan Drake is almost always right but he never takes a condescending attitude and doesn’t put himself on the pedestal. He is the ally you don’t know you’re looking for until you meet him. And, as Zerocalcare would say, then stay away.

Source: Vanity Fair

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