Uncharted, the trailer for the film with Tom Holland

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After so much effort, the first results. Uncharted, an adaptation of the video game saga of the same name created by Naughty Dog for PlayStation, seemed destined to get lost between the “ifs” and “buts”, slowed down by endless setbacks. But what could have been a disaster has finally been fixed. Uncharted has been completed, and a first look at the film released online. The trailer, with Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake, just released, is a great succession of hypotheses and hopes.

Fans of the saga have tried to analyze this first video down to the smallest detail. They gave birth to hypotheses and conjectures, tried to figure out which role was played by whom. From the images, it seems evident that Holland is told in his younger version, still inexperienced hunter of treasures, ready to forge a partnership with the one who in the videogame saga is his mentor and ally, Sully.

This has the face, in the film, of Mark Wahlberg, but who he is Antonio Banderas, although it appears in the movie, it is difficult to say. The trailer, in which the release of the film is set for next February, is a bustle of racing and special effects, of stunts that seem to rewrite the history of physics, leaving little margin for the narrative component of the film.


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