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Unconditional love! She is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and her son takes her around the world

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that worsens over the years until the sufferer loses their memory completely. Unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from it. But there will always be those who love their relatives too much not to let them suffer because of this.

Sean O’Sallaigh learned that his mother, 77-year-old Mary O’Neil, had Alzheimer’s. At first he was devastated by the diagnosis, but he promised that he would give the woman the best experiences of his life and that he would spend all his time by her side, which is why he took her to visit various places in the world.

An unconditional love

Man and his mother with Alzheimer's sitting in the kitchen enjoying food

Sean did not want to be depressed by his mother’s diagnosis and he did not want to convey his fears and anguish to her, so he promised that he would give her the happiest days of his life. At first he only planned to take her out of Ireland to take a few days off, but once he saw the happy face of the woman being away from Dublin and its freezing weather, he did not hesitate for a second: They would not be coming home in a hurry. long time.

The neurologist told me that positive, happy people become happier as Alzheimer’s progresses. He was right, Mom seemed to get younger and looked happier.

They toured beautiful places

Man next to his mother full of colored powders

They both traveled to the mountains of Italy, the sands of South Africa and also went to Nepal to enjoy the festival of colors. Although Sean thought his mother would quickly forget everything, the truth is that she was so happy that her condition improved a lot during the trip. As they came to new places, Mary began to talk and walk again. It was as if the disease was subsiding.

The weather was excellent and she could go out a lot, we walked and watched the children play, some even sat with us to chat, they called her grandmother and she said ‘namaste’ to everyone

They went to Rome, Umbria and Cape Town

Sean O'sSallaigh posing with his mother with Alzheimer's while they are on the beach

In January 2019, I took Mom to the beach and she enjoyed putting her feet in the sand and watching the kids play.

Sadly, Mary was no longer able to walk in April 2019 due to her old age. On May 24, 2019, he left this world with a chest infection while they were in South Africa.

Woman with Alzheimer's sitting enjoying the beach

Sometimes she called me dad because she didn’t remember who I was, but that was how I felt like a father who cared for her and protected her. When he died, I felt like I had lost everything. I had to put my life on hiatus to take care of her, but I don’t regret anything, we were together and I was able to give her the best days of her life. She was my priority at all times.

Although the loss was a hard blow for Sean, he was also satisfied that he could see his mother enjoying every place they visited and, without a doubt, that was his best reward.

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