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Undecided voters await debate between Biden and Trump with an eye on the economy, border and age

Gina Gannon, a Georgia retiree, voted for Republican Donald Trump in 2016 before ditching him for Democrat Joe Biden in 2020 — and is now looking to next week’s debate to help her decide which candidate to support this year. .

Gannon, 65, voted for Biden, she said, because she felt Trump’s presidency was too chaotic. But now she is leaning Republican again, unhappy with illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and inflation under the Biden administration.

Biden could still convince her, however, if he presents a strong proposal to secure the border and shows a steady hand despite his age, she said.

Trump, 78, is “always a wild card,” Gannon said. However, for Biden, 81, “there is certainly concern about age and how he will be able to perform.”

About 20% of voters say they have not chosen a candidate for this year’s presidential contest, are leaning toward other candidates or may not vote in the Nov. 5 election, according to the most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Reuters interviewed 15 of those voters ahead of the June 27 debate in Atlanta to find out what they expect to see when Biden and Trump face off and how the candidates — now essentially tied in national opinion polls with less than five months until Election Day election – can win your support.

The group of undecided voters includes seven men and eight women from a mix of Democratic, Republican and split states. They vary by age, party affiliation and race.

Of the 15 voters, nine are former Biden voters who have become partially or completely disillusioned, with one of them now leaning towards Trump. Three voters were disillusioned with Trump but were not considering Biden as an alternative.

Mental fitness, especially Biden’s, is a key issue for these undecided voters, who will be watching the first debate to see if the two oldest candidates who have already run for US President can think on their feet.

Biden’s management of the economy and, especially, his handling of inflation is also an important topic.

Consumer price increases have slowed considerably since their peak in June 2022, but voters still regularly complain about supermarket price shocks.

Several voters who supported Biden in 2020 also said he needs to address the issue of immigration during the debate. Biden took office in 2021 promising to reverse many of Trump’s restrictive border policies, but he has struggled with record numbers of illegal immigrants at the border during his administration.

Trump’s criminal conviction in May will also be a factor for voters.

Source: CNN Brasil

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