Understand how 5G deployment can benefit the economy

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O 5G pure arrived in Brazil this Wednesday (6), with the capital Brasília being the first city to receive the technology. The expectation is that Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and São Paulo will be the next cities to implement 5G, and that the technology will reach all Brazilian capitals by September 29.

Data show that the implementation of 5G in countries that held the auction before Brazil led to positive economic impacts, with new possibilities for products, services and business models. The technology promises improved speed and less lag in processes with low latency.

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study of accentuate a global consulting firm, in Europe indicates that 5G will generate an increase of more than 2 trillion euros in sales between 2021 and 2025, in addition to adding 1 trillion euros to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) .

In the US, earnings will be more than US$ 2.7 trillion in sales, while GDP will increase by US$ 1.5 trillion in the stipulated period, according to the consultancy. Accenture research highlights that 5G has the potential to create 16 million jobs across all sectors of the US economy.

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Regarding Brazil, Accenture says it is still early to have accurate data on the effects of technology in the country.

The technology expert Arthur Igreja told the CNN Brasil Business that, although it is not yet possible to observe consolidated numbers regarding the economic impacts of 5G in Brazil, it is certain that the technology will bring gains to several markets.

“A faster connection helps eliminate bureaucracy and makes processes more agile. It is a technology that has two direct impacts: increased productivity and job creation”, said the specialist.

Church explained that in addition to the creation of specialized labor for the implementation of 5G in regions of the country, with the direct action in the installation of antennas and in the adjustment of the infrastructure to adapt the network, the technology enables new business models.

“On this front, we will have companies that will be very connected with 5G content and the new possibilities, such as telemedicine, urban mobility, the metaverse… these are markets that will demand professionals with relevant remuneration. In this sense, 5G is also a job generator,” he declared.

“Every time we have these foundational infrastructure technologies, years later we will understand the impact that this has. Without broadband, there would be no streaming, for example. Later on, we will be able to see in a more causal way the impacts of 5G and for which sectors it was more decisive”, he pointed out.

business innovation

The expectation around 5G is that it will streamline existing operational processes, with less bureaucracy and slowness and faster real-time applications, according to experts interviewed by the CNN Brasil Business .

Eduardo Neger, president of the Brazilian Internet Association (Abranet), said he believes that 5G enhances a new business environment, in which entrepreneurs and startups expand their ability to innovate in all sectors.

“48% of professionals rely on home internet to work or run their own business from home, according to a worldwide industry survey. Therefore, technology is essential for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), which do not have the same resources and IT infrastructure as large companies”, he highlighted.

“According to the survey, SMEs represent around 90% of companies and more than 50% of jobs worldwide. In emerging markets, SMEs create seven out of 10 jobs. 5G broadband will therefore play a key role in the growth and evolution of this business category,” he added.

According to experts, it will also be possible to improve services that use the Internet of Things, from payment systems to enabling autonomous cars.

Other alternatives are solutions for public services, such as monitoring water consumption or lamp posts.

The speed and latency of 5G should still benefit activities such as telemedicine and agribusiness, with the improvement of real-time applications in these sectors.

“We have a number of real-time applications that cannot have this delay. In other words, imagine a doctor performing a surgery at a distance manipulating a robotic arm, he needs to have absolute precision, instant feedback”, highlighted technology specialist Arthur Igreja.

As for agribusiness, reducing the slowness between networks will allow for better remote operation of heavy machinery, with more support for the connection between devices.

As explained by Igreja, the speed will allow an experience with less delay in remote connections, whether in video calls, voice calls or live broadcasts.

“When 5G starts to be used, broadcasts could create millions of possibilities for viewers. It will be possible, for example, to have a transmission in which one can choose three different ways to watch the same sports game much more easily”, explained Bruno Maia, Marketing professor at PUC-Rio and founder and CEO of “Feel the Match ”, startup that develops businesses and sports content properties.

The gaming and entertainment industry is also expected to benefit from the properties of 5G, according to Sylmara Multini, CEO of IFG NFT.

“Online games and streaming will not suffer from download delays and the world of the metaverse will be even more agile and fun. The NFTs, of course, will be among the biggest beneficiaries”, he stressed.


The advisor and vice president of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Moisés Moreira, said that urban regions are expected to have 5G by January 2026.

Abranet identifies some factors that can slow down the deployment and adoption of 5G. According to the Association, most Brazilian cities have not yet updated their legislation for the deployment of antennas.

In addition, factors such as the lack of skilled labor in the market and logistical difficulties in the semiconductor supply chain are expected to hamper the implementation of the technology in more parts of Brazil.

Source: CNN Brasil

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