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Understand the relationship between heat and storms

The Civil Defense of São Paulo issued an alert for storms and intense gusts of wind that is valid from Friday (17) to Sunday (19). The rains are expected to affect the capital, metropolitan region, coast and interior of São Paulo.

The scenario follows the heat wave that marked this week, with record heat and thermal sensations of around 40ºC in the city of São Paulo. A CNN listened to Alexandre Nascimento, meteorologist at Nottus, to explain this transition in the state’s climate.

“São Paulo will experience an enormous thermal contrast. Especially on the weekend, there will be very strong instability”, explains Nascimento.

According to him, it is this characteristic that intensifies the wind: “The gusts should be around 60 km/h, but they can reach 100 km/h in some regions”. At the beginning of the month, one of the causes of the power outage that affected thousands of homes in the capital was trees felled by the wind.

The meteorologist also considered that the increase in relative humidity — common in rainy periods —, when combined with heat, causes the thermal sensation to rise. This measurement is the meeting point between actual temperature and humidity.

Source: CNN Brasil

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