Understand what led to the amputation of a mother’s hand in RJ, according to the hospital

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The Hospital da Mulher Intermédica Jacarepaguá, in Rio de Janeiro, released a press release with details of the case of a 24-year-old woman who was treated at the unit in labor and left with her hand amputated.

Gleice Kelly reported that the delivery was quick, but just as the doctor was sewing her, she noticed an excessive amount of blood. She claims that the doctors assessed that she was having a hemorrhage. “They needed to run to do something, I had to go to the delivery room without any venous access. When I passed out this access was put on, ”she said.

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The hospital claims that when looking for the patient and her lawyer to provide the requested clarifications, it was informed that they would only be available next week. The details of the case described by the Hospital da Mulher de Jacarepaguá in a note were released after an investigation carried out with the support of a specialized independent expert, according to the unit.

The hospital describes that the patient had a history of multiple pregnancies, including some complications, which increases the risk of postpartum hemorrhage, in addition to gestational diabetes. According to the hospital, the delivery was uneventful, and the baby was born alive and in good health.

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“The patient presented a significant picture of postpartum hemorrhage, progressing to severe hemorrhagic shock secondary to uterine atony and uterine inversion. This condition is responsible for 60% of maternal deaths in the postpartum period: 45% of these deaths occur in the first 24 hours. Postpartum hemorrhage is responsible for 25% of all maternal deaths in the world, according to the medical literature”, continues the note.

According to the hospital, immediate measures were taken to ensure the patient’s life.

“The left arm was immediately treated from the first signs of ischemia secondary to hemorrhagic shock, as stated in the medical report. All measures and decisions taken prioritized saving the patient’s life until she had better conditions for transfer to a more complex hospital”, says the note.

The Jacarepaguá Women’s Hospital goes on to say that the patient received the necessary assistance and resources in an attempt to preserve her left arm. “However, due to the irreversible worsening of the condition with venous thrombosis of muscular and subcutaneous veins, there was a need to opt for the amputation of the limb for the sake of the patient’s life”.

The hospital concludes the note by stating that it removed the leadership of the unit “aiming at transparency in the investigations and reiterates its commitment to continue providing assistance and giving the necessary support to the patient. The other complaints now presented will also be investigated with criteria and rigor”.

Cremerj opens investigation

The Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj) opened an investigation to investigate the case.

“Right now, the Board is verifying the facts with the technicians responsible for the NotreDame Intermédica group. After the investigation is concluded, an ethical-professional process (PEP) may be initiated to judge what happened”, says the council’s note.

Source: CNN Brasil

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