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Understand why Maduro’s photo appears 13 times on Venezuela’s electoral ballot

Nicolás Maduro's photo will appear 13 times on the ballot box screen in Venezuela's presidential elections on July 28. The image was shown by the Venezuelan president himself on his TV program, last Monday (22).

In the image, Maduro's photo appears 13 times, occupying the entire first and part of the second and third rows of candidates on the ballot. The second candidate that appears the most is the opponent Antonio Ecarri, whose photo appears in 5 spaces on the ballot.

The Venezuelan leader explained that 37 political parties and organizations were authorized by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to compete and each one will have its candidate represented in a photo. Of the 37, 13 support Maduro's candidacy.

The deadline for modifying candidacies for the elections ended this Tuesday (22). Wanted by CNN Venezuela's National Electoral Council stated that it does not yet have the final version of the ballot.

Voting in Venezuela is electronic, but the ballot reflects the candidate options that will be presented on the ballot box screen to voters.

The photo of Edmundo González Urrutia, the candidate who will replace María Corina Machado – who was banned by the country's Judiciary from holding public office for 15 years – is expected to appear at least three times, as he was registered under the acronym Mesa da Unidad Democrática (MUD) and received support from the parties Um Novo Tempo (UNT) and Movimento pela Venezuela.

When showing the ballot, which will still undergo modifications, Maduro mocked and refuted criticism that there would be a “dictatorship” or one-party system in the country.

“We have 13 cool photos, as has happened in other elections,” he said, also showing the ballot from the 2012 presidential election, when the photo of then-president Hugo Chávez appeared 12 times and that of his opponent, opponent Henrique Capriles, 22 times.

Source: CNN Brasil

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