Understanding as a couple, what to do when sex is “just boredom”

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The variety of sex toys currently on the market is so wide that it is practically impossible not to find examples that tickle the curiosity and can lead to greater pleasure both partners.

An extra tip is to choose them together, because even this operation alone contributes to adding that extra pinch of spice to the conversation and cementing a momentarily loose union.

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Try role-playing games

To combat the boredom of a relationship that is often the same as itself, another option is to let yourself be carried away by the imagination and immerse yourself, at least sometimes, in different worlds. «By those who are not used to practicing them, role-playing games are viewed in a suspicious way but in reality it is a fun way to explore your sexuality and take it out of the ordinary “, underlines Daniel Giunti «These activities can in fact help to create unprecedented sexual scenarios and to the discovery of exciting factors, hitherto unknown even to the people themselves».

Get help from a professional

Although everything that revolves around sex is still the subject of taboos and complexes, if you think you cannot solve some problems within the couple you should not hesitate, but ask for help from a professional. without being overwhelmed by shame.

Figures such as sexologists or couple psychotherapists, in fact, have many more arrows in their bow and can go where alone would be impossible.

Experiment with unconventional types of sex

Sexuality is so broad that enclosing it in a single form or in a few possible options means limiting its potential.

To break the chains of monotony and a routine that is always the same, if both people involved agree, you can push your foot on the accelerator and experiment with new forms of intimacy as practices. Bondage, couple swaps, forms of voyeurism and fetishism, tantric sex and so on.

Unleash your imaginationin short, it seems to be the secret to eliminate the word boredom from one’s hot dictionary and return to live a full, satisfying, fun and shadow-free sexuality.

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