Unemployed teacher seeks work promoting his classes on YouTube

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Due to the covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are unemployed, such is the case of Francisco Márquez, a mathematics teacher from Mexico, who despite returning to school, was left without work, but not not wanting to get ahead.

The teacher opened a YouTube channel in which he teaches numerical classes to sixth grade, first and third year high school, and first year high school students. All for free. Unfortunately, his online channel does not have too many subscribers, but far from feeling sad, he took to the streets and with a sign in hand he promoted his service, attracting the eyes of passers-by and Internet users.

We are going to help this teacher. I found him outside the Olympic Pool giving free math classes from his YouTube channel. Let us help him to continue with the spirit of teaching children. When I checked, it only had 39 subscribers.

On his channel, the teacher explains how to solve math problems. In addition, it does it in such a simple and simple way that anyone is able to understand. But it was not until August 28 that his channel began to gain followers, as Facebook user Jessik Murillo CA shared a series of photographs in which the teacher can be seen promoting his classes outside the Francisco Márquez Olympic Pool, in Mexico City.

On the sign, the teacher asks them to enter a YouTube link, subscribe and share the content with other students. In addition, to facilitate the matter, he added a QR code that when scanned, redirects users to his videos.

The story of this professor has gone viral, obtaining more than 83 thousand subscribers so far.

Maybe it’s time to share this story with anyone looking to increase their knowledge, pass an exam, or return to face-to-face classes being a numbers geek. Meanwhile, we hope the teacher will get more followers and upload content frequently so that no one has to do math during winter break.

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